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ProPhilanthropy® Fund is Advancing Compassion Project’s microfinance support program for projects that are proactively and efficiently promoting individual and community development. Using a recurring investment model, contributions to the fund provide a combination of immediate tax deductibility for donors, and long-term sustainable impact for beneficiaries and their families and communities.

The ProPhilanthropy Fund operates in partnership with microfinance organizations in developing countries as well as in underserved communities within the U.S. to provide capital in the form of loans or loan guarantees for selected projects promoting individual and community development. Placements through programs such as UK-based LendWithCare (an initiative of CARE® International) and Accion® (a world pioneer in microfinance) benefit from decades of experience and relationships with field partners, which are generally small banks, savings and loans and other cooperatives built through microfinance assistance. Partner organizations and individual projects will be selected from those which have the ability to ensure high rates of repayment (typically through community group guarantees, co-signing and other forms of security) – as well as providing for sustainable impact that helps those involved as well as those around them. In furtherance of ACP’s ProPhilanthropy approach, special priority is also given to individual projects and groups that can serve as a model for others in their communities or regions.

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