Advancing Compassion Project (ACP) is a California-based nonprofit that supports innovation within existing community-based organizations addressing human, societal or environmental challenges. Applying principles that foundations use to catalyze change, ACP mobilizes financial, technical and other resources to help selected programs demonstrate improved social benefit. ACP’s approach recognizes that donors are more willing to support charitable programs when they can see that their contributions have a concrete impact in solving problems rather than chronically managing ongoing needs.

Our efforts and those of our volunteers and supporters are focused on improving lives affected by disease or disability; poverty, homelessness or discrimination; or environmental deprivation. Through service projects, donations and other forms of direct and indirect support, we help to foster and enhance innovative programs designed to promote positive changes within existing organizations.

Our Mission. Advancing Compassion Project (ACP) is a volunteer-based nonprofit public benefit corporation dedicated to bringing support and increased community awareness to organizations and individuals helping the underserved. Advancing Compassion® projects and other efforts bring together volunteers, donated supplies and other forms of community support to programs helping those in need of change

Our Vision. ACP recognizes that projects having an efficient approach to obtain effective results is a key measure for success of that program. In terms of non-profits working towards social change, programs that also approach their target project from a proactive (or preventative) position, often have a more difficult time showing demonstrable results and therefore obtaining recognition and funding than those organizations that manage the related chronic problems. We envision Advancing Compassion Project becoming an organization that helps connect the resources of successful program models with under-appreciated non-profits having the potential for catalyzing change in their communities.