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Advancing Compassion Project … Helping Love Grow


2012 has been an amazing first year for Advancing Compassion Project, and it couldn’t have been as successful as it was without help from so many of you!

We take this opportunity to review a few of the things we’ve accomplished – and consider how we can increase our impact in 2013. We hope you’ll be part of promoting these positive changes for the New Year!

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Advancing Compassion Project Launches ProPhilanthropy℠ Fund

Novel microfinance fund combines recurring social investment in projects promoting community development with immediate tax deductibility for contributors.

San Diego, CA | December 24, 2012. Advancing Compassion Project (ACP) announces the launch of the ProPhilanthropy™ Fund, which will provide microfinance support for projects that are proactively and efficiently promoting individual and community development. Continue Reading…