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Zach Wahls – Nationally-Noted Advocate and Author of “My Two Moms” to Lead Forum Addressing Anti-LGBT Policies of the Boy Scouts of America

Advancing Compassion Project presents Zach Wahls and “Scouts for Equality” in San Diego on Sept. 23rd to discuss the impact of the Boy Scouts’ ban on Gay Scouts and LGBT Leaders – and how to bring change to a national organization influencing millions of American youth.

San Diego, CA | September 7, 2012.  Zach Wahls, whose impassioned 3 minute speech on marriage equality to the Iowa legislature quickly became the most watched political video on YouTube with over 17 million views, and who has since appeared on Ellen, David Letterman, Jon Stewart and others, recently formed “Scouts For Equality” to help end the anti-LGBT policies of the Boy Scouts of America. Continue Reading…